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Neighbors Emergency Center

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About Us
NEIGHBORS EMERGENCY CENTERS are different from a standard 24 Hour Emergency Room. We have redefined the emergency room experience with private treatment rooms equipped with HD TVs, modern décor, a comfortable waiting area, peaceful pediatric treatment rooms and more. We want your emergency room experience to be as stress-free as possible.

You and your family will receive high quality medical treatment at a moment’s notice. Unlike patient experiences in a conventional emergency room, we guarantee little or no wait time before a board certified emergency physician is available.

We are dedicated to providing elite care that always meets you and your family’s medical needs. For convenient, around-the-clock emergency care from physicians you can trust, choose the 24 Hour Emergency Room where the doctor’s always in.
Our Mission
“To deliver quality, compassionate, expedient emergency medical care focused on our patients and their families.”
At Neighbors Emergency Centers, our mission is conducted 24 hours a day as we deliver one of the most thorough and time committed medical experiences in our industry. Our physicians and staff stop at nothing to carry out our mission.
Our Vision
“To be the first neighbor people turn to when emergencies occur.”
Our vision is simple—our name says it all. We strive to be the trusted neighbor that is always available when life’s emergencies arise.Sickness or trauma—we are constantly aiming to be the best neighbors ever—the neighbors that people turn to first and foremost.
Our Philosophy
Ensuring patient satisfaction is always our goal. And, we believe the best medical care begins with patient-centered efforts. We strive to be the emergency care providers of choice for Baytown, Bellaire, Kingwood, Pasadena, Pearland, and the surrounding communities by providing patients with a solid care plan and taking the time to answer each and every question. You and your family will leave our facility knowing you can count on Neighbors Emergency Center when it matters the most.

Neighbors Emergency Center was founded by a group of eight emergency physicians who believed they could provide patients, seeking emergency care, a more personalized experience than the traditional hospital ER. By making patients the central focus, we have been able to transform the traditional practices of emergency care into an experience that prioritizes service and healing. Through executing consistently on these values, we have been able to grow this great company into what it is today- a streamlined concierge regional health system that takes care of thousands of patients per year. We are humbled and appreciative that you and your loved ones have chosen Neighbors as your emergency provider of choice. We sincerely thank you and will always strive to be The Best Neighbors Ever.

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