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For over ten years, Summit Health has been helping employers and health plans control and reduce their health care costs by providing worksite wellness services for employees and health plan members. We integrate our high quality on-site wellness programs and comprehensive client support systems into custom wellness programs that meet or exceed our clients' expectations and increase the health of their populations. Founded in 1999, Summit Health is now the nation's highest rated provider of on-site wellness programs, including health screenings, immunizations, coaching, and educational seminars. We offer a strong commitment to customer satisfaction with an emphasis on "quality of care."

Our innovative services delivered with a human touch increase individual compliance with health habit adoption, wellness programs, and therapy, which measurably improves overall health status, boosts employee productivity, and reduces healthcare costs.

We are an entrepreneurial and proactive company, at the forefront in providing seamless, creative, and turnkey health and wellness programs. We're renowned for our breadth of services, our responsiveness and professionalism, and the high caliber of our people - goal-oriented individuals who are focused on quality and execution. This is a great opportunity to grow your career with a dynamic entrepreneurial company! You'll acquire experience and skills faster than anywhere else - the sky's the limit!


Summit Health is dedicated to providing convenient, economical, and high quality health and wellness services to employer groups and consumers nationwide through on-site programs. A strong commitment to customer satisfaction with an emphasis on “quality of care” allows us to provide excellent services, positively influence healthy lifestyle choices, and lower health care costs.


Summit Health, Inc.
27175 Haggerty Rd.
Novi, MI 48377

Phone: 248.799.8303
Fax: 248.799.8927


Summit Health was founded in 1999 by Richard Penington and Doug Finch, to address a need for high quality, low cost, preventative health services provided on a nationwide basis. Since then, Summit Health has grown at an annual rate of 45 percent. We now have more than 6,000 staff nationwide, and count the country’s largest health plans and Fortune 100 corporations among our customer base. Richard and Doug were classmates at the Harvard Business School, and both have advanced degrees and work experience in engineering. Richard’s experience includes designing complex supply chain management and information technology systems for Fortune 100 consumer products companies. Doug has extensive experience in the aerospace/military industry and has served more than ten years on the board of a large Midwestern hospital system. Their unique backgrounds have allowed them to engineer and perfect every aspect of a nationwide health care delivery system including staff development, logistics, clinic execution, data collection, and performance metrics. Summit Health’s Medical Advisory Board and key clinical staff further helped design and fine tune the medical procedures and protocols.

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