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What to Expect at The Meadows Malibu

Patients will reside at The Meadows Malibu with around-the-clock guidance and supervision from our clinical staff. Our staff works with each patient to determine the appropriate length of residential care, but most people stay for 25 days after successful completion of detox.

Residential Schedule

Throughout their stay, patients will have a full schedule of individual and group activities all tailored to their personalized treatment plans. This is just an example of what patients can expect during their residential treatment at The Meadows Malibu; all schedules and activities are dependent on the needs of each person.

Weekends at The Meadows Malibu give patients opportunities to bond with each other and with the staff in a more relaxed setting through organized group activities. After the first five full days of treatment, patients are able to earn ten-minute “phone cards” for contacting family and friends. Earning these cards depends on each individual’s needs for treatment, their progress through treatment, and the discretion of that person’s primary therapist. We offer two hours of family visitation every Saturday and Sunday for patients who have completed the first five days of treatment.

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