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Consolidated Medical Staffing

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Consolidated Medical Staffing is a leader in Healthcare Human Resource and Job Placement within the Medical Field

Consolidated Medical Staffing (CMS) was founded with a driven commitment to find and sustain the highest quality healthcare professionals in the medical field today.Our dedication to customer service, strict qualification process, and years of combined experience, make CMS the most reliable choice in healthcare staffing.


With integrity, respect, and discipline, CMS is confident we have the ability to fulfill any staffing demands set forth by our clients.  There is no question that CMS strives to make our relationships with our healthcare professionals and our clients seamless and valued by all parties involved.

This commitment to client and healthcare staffing satisfaction has allowed CMS to become a leader in healthcare staffing across the United States.

Our proven business model allows us to maintain unmatched talent retention and contract renewal ratios.  Consolidated Medical Staffing is poised for continued growth as a direct result of vision, ethics and the delivery of economical medical staffing solutions.
Our primary goal is to provide experienced, credentialed healthcare staff with complete documentation in a customer specific format. Our partnerships with Nursetesting, Stafferlink and PreCheck enhance our processes and ability to deliver appropriately credentialed staff. Our experienced team understands the culture differences within the many types of hospitals. Our past experience in staffing various teaching hospitals with specialized critical care units give us the insight to provide your unit managers experienced staff. At Consolidated Medical Staffing, we understand the importance of clinical competency.  In fact, it is vital for patient care. Our staffing specialists and proven competency assessment process enables us to provide qualified supplemental staff simply, effectively, and above client expectations.
At Consolidated Medical Staffing, we understand what it takes to become an experienced healthcare provider. It is time your dedication and hard work pays dividends. Take the steps needed to change your employment into a lucrative, professional opportunity.

Consolidated Medical Staffing’s placement specialists understand the speed of today’s fast-paced staffing world and are waiting to assist you with the application process. Whether per-diem, local long-term or a traditional travel assignment, we want to make sure your next assignment is exciting and lucrative. Let’s get started!

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