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Professional Performance Development Group, Inc. is an award-winning professional service and healthcare services provider recognized for innovation and integrity.

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A "vendor of choice" government contractor, PPDG, Inc. specializes in navigating the complexities of government contracts to provide best fit personnel and services.

We are leading experts at providing support services for medical jobs and career opportunities at out-of-the-way locations as well as to metropolitan areas.  With over 30 years of experience at over 50 work sites across the United States, we have the knowledge and resources to meet needs and exceed expectations of today's changing tech and healthcare landscape.

Historically, we enjoy a long list of satisfied customers and former employees. When we conducted a survey of employees that left our organization in 2014, 96% indicated that they would be glad to come back to work for us.  Our successful performance has resulted in multiple awards and recognitions including Entrepreneurial Excellence Overcoming Obstacles & Best Employer (2001), Minority Contracting Firm of the Year (2008), and North Chamber Small Business Leader Employee Relations Award (2011).


PPDG, Inc. is organized into five specialized product lines to better service our commercial and government clients and employees by hiring and retaining the very best.  Each product line has the full support of a diverse and experienced team of experts.  We have maintained our reputation for credibility and integrity among federal contractors and highly-skilled healthcare employees since 1984.  We focus on our entire business ecosystem, starting with the healing environment designed and built for our corporate offices -- the first of its kind built in San Antonio -- and extending to work sites across the United States and abroad.  We understand that strong and engaged stakeholders (our employees, customers, and surrounding communities) lead to a brilliant and sustainable people-oriented business.

We have developed our exclusive management software in-house to ensure all contract requirements are monitored and met.  Our software captures large amounts of detailed information using a simple user interface, tracks data over the life of the contract, and automatically notifies our teams of upcoming priority events, such as expiration dates of professional licenses and certifications.  Through our management software, we are able to provide excellent service in locations throughout the world.

We are the "Vendor of Choice" for government services and Professional Performance's successful contract performance at over 189 work sites in the United States and abroad has resulted in continued prosperity to our clients and employees and a higher quality of care to our nation's heroes and families.

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5441 Babcock Road, Ste #200
San Antonio, TX 78240

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