Employer Quick Look

Dear Patients and Caregivers,

It gives me immense pleasure and pride to introduce to you Touchpoints at Home.  I thank you for entrusting our agency for your home health needs.  Touchpoints at Home is a Medicare, Medicaid, and Community Health Accreditation Partner (CHAP) certified agency located in Hartford County in Rocky Hill.  At Touchpoints at Home our deepest commitment is to our patients and their caregivers.  We are devoted to providing a level of quality of care that encourages a safe and cost effective delivery of home health services.   We believe in keeping our patients happy and safe while helping them to achieve their healthcare goals. Our  strength is our professional clinical team who takes pride in providing quality care that is patient centered.    Our culturally sensitive team approaches care and your home with dignity and respect.

We offer skilled nursing; physical, occupational and speech therapy; medical social work; home health aide services and provide services in 25 cities/towns in the greater Hartford area.  Again, thank you for choosing Touchpoints at Home where our goal is to promote positive outcomes by maximizing patient autonomy and coordination of resources to decrease illness, burden, and unnecessary duplication of services.  My team and I look forward to assisting you in achieving your home health goals.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at (860) 436-9260.

The Benefits of Home Care.

    • The most important benefit of home care is receiving services in the privacy and comfort of one’s own home.
    • Keeps loved ones/family together
    • Individualized Care – Personalized care plans are developed with patients and their families to ensure each individual’s needs and goals are met
    • In-home care allows individuals to remain as functional and independent as possible in their own environment which provides a much higher sense of security and dignity
    • Patient-centered care encourages family involvement focused on getting well and staying well
    • Familiar surroundings reduce anxiety, stress and confusion
    • Promotes healing and provides reduced risk of infection
    • Less costly than in-patient service alternatives
    • Receiving home health care helps to reduce unavoidable readmissions to the hospital, and studies have shown that patients recuperating from illness, injury, or surgical procedure heal more quickly and more successfully when recovering at home versus in a medical facility
    • Accelerated recovery
    • Reducing acute care hospital readmissions

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