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health care, it's vital that a job gets done properly. But when people make a
special effort to remember the human side of what is going on, then the job
becomes a labor of love."

This quote was written
by the family of a patient in a heartfelt letter of thanks to several of our
employees. Quest Diagnostics employees are dedicated people who understand that
behind every specimen and result there is a human life.
employees play a critical role in healthcare delivery and enable better
healthcare choices by providing unsurpassed diagnostic insights to our

Unsurpassed National Coverage with Worldwide Presence

Quest Diagnostics provides access to high quality testing and services
throughout the United States. With over 2,000 patient service centers,
approximately 150 rapid response laboratories, 30-plus regional laboratories
and esoteric testing laboratories on both coasts we provide a broad range of services
to our customers. We also have an international presence and the capability to
provide services beyond our locations world-wide. 


Summit Health

acquired by Quest Diagnostics, Summit Health is the nation’s highest rated
provider of onsite wellness programs, and is now part of Quest Diagnostics
Health and Wellness Services, helping control health care costs by providing
worksite wellness services for employees and health plan members.

Diagnostics and Summit Health Solutions combine the delivery of high quality
onsite and offsite wellness screenings and related services with comprehensive
client support systems to create highly customized wellness programs that meet
and exceed our clients’ expectations.  We provide employers and health plans
with tangible means to drive health improvement within their populations and
reduce healthcare costs.  Summit Health Solutions is delivered through a
human touch, and promotes engagement in wellness programs, the adoption of
healthy habits, measurably improved health status and employee productivity, to
create a healthier world.

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Summit Health, Inc.
27175 Haggerty Rd.
Novi, MI 48377

Phone: 248.799.8303
Fax: 248.799.8927

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